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Why You Should Follow Your Medications – PLUS Tips for Medication Adherence

Why You Should Follow Your Medications – PLUS Tips for Medication Adherence

Medication adherence is one of the common issues occurring in healthcare management, especially when the patient is already recovering. Medication adherence is simply the serious compliance of the instructions prescribed including the schedule of intake, amount of dosage, and how often the medicine should be taken.

Because we have experience running a pharmacy in Merion, Pennsylvania, you can consider us as a key partner in the attainment of your health goals. We advocate for medication adherence because we know this is going to help you become better. To emphasize this point further, let us identify a few important reasons why adherence is vital.

  • Medication adherence can prevent the occurrence or complication of an illness. It helps equip the body to fight against infection or supply the needed immunity against an ailment.
  • Adherence can also preserve the patient from possible relapse, especially in the case of stroke and high blood pressure. When the patient is already prescribed with the medication to be taken for a long period of time, this is intended to prevent another attack as it helps regulate the blood pressure.
  • Medication adherence helps the patient save on costs from buying Prescription Medicine in Pennsylvania. When they’ve complied with their medicines, there’s a lesser chance of hospitalization or re-admission; hence, there is lesser expenses in maintaining your loved one’s health.

When you think that buying your medicines is costly already, try non-adherence and you’ll see how much more you’ll be able to spend.

As we advocate for adherence, let us then share with you these helpful tips for you or your loved one to help you be prompt in your intake as instructed by the doctor.

  • Integrate your medication intake in your routines every day. When you follow this routine all the time, your medication intake will be like a natural part of your activity. There’s no way you can forget it unless you stop taking the medicine altogether. But if you’re inclined to taking the medicine every after a meal, make sure to consult this matter with your doctor first.Some medicines will not have much potency when they’re taken in a full stomach.
  • Ask your Drug Store in Merion, Pennsylvania for a special packaging of the medicine, one that can group your pills together on a daily basis. Some would call this a medicine calendar, where each day of the month has a set of pills for the patient to take. This is very innovative as it gives you a visual proof that you’ve truly taken the drug on that day.
  • Request your loved ones or trusted friends to remind you about the medication schedule. External support can give you a sense of accountability, which can empower you in taking the medicine correctly.

These are just a few recommendations we can share when it comes to adhering to your medications. Our friendly pharmacists at Dake’s Drug Store can also help with further tips on adherence. Just feel free to keep in touch.

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