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What Does Medication NON-Adherence Look Like?

What Does Medication NON-Adherence Look Like?

As you continue to extend quality care for your senior loved one at home, it helps to understand that their medication requirements have to be followed religiously. This is called medication adherence. The opposite of this, non-adherence, is going to put your loved one in a perilous situation. We say this because aside from possible relapse and additional hospitalization expenses, your loved one’s health can be truly threatened when there’s no medication working in their favor. Adhering to their medications is one of the loving things you can do for your elderly family members.

Being your trusted Drug Store in Merion, Pennsylvania, we highly advocate for medication adherence. This means that whatever your doctor instructed or prescribed for your loved one’s medication, these have to be complied with.

Let us share with you a quick look at what non-adherence is so that you can prevent these from happening to your aging loved one.

  • You haven’t purchased immediately the doctor’s prescription, causing your loved one to miss the ideal first dose
    This is a frequent occurrence when you put off getting the medicines from a provider of Prescription Medicine in Pennsylvania due to financial constraints, lack of time, or simply inability to personally go to the drugstore.
  • The medicines were not completed following the prescribed schedule since the symptoms have already relaxed This typically happens when your loved one is taking more than one medicine and taking more in a day will be inconvenient for them.
  • Making a personal decision of taking lesser or more medicines than what was prescribed can put you at risk of under-dosage or over-dosage, respectively
    We sometimes think that taking more can make the patient heal faster, or taking less can save you with some costs.
  • The medicines were not refilled before the regular supplies ran out
    Consequently, the expected intake schedule was missed. When your aging loved one is taking medicines for a long term, refilling these is necessary. Talk to your Pharmacy staff so they can give you a resolution for this.
  • You don’t comply with the prescribed schedule allotted for the intake
    Instead of taking the medicine every four hours, it’s taken after 8 hours.

As you assist your aging loved one, you have to anticipate for instances when their prescriptions are not adhered to. Regardless of the reasons or limitations, you must find a way to resolve this so that their health will not be at stake.

This is important to highlight again. Medication non-adherence can be more expensive to your loved one than you can imagine. It can put your family member at risk for complications or disease progression, which can result in further treatments or hospitalizations. Aside from these, the complicated results can also limit their ability to enjoy their senior days, keeping them from having a quality life.

At Dake’s Drug Store, we encourage you on this: Comply with medication adherence standards and you will be glad you did.

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