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The Ugly Truth of Missing Your Doses

The Ugly Truth of Missing Your Doses

Medications have the ability to help and restore, but in the event that it isn’t taken regularly – or worse, not taken – it can’t carry out its purpose.

What Are Maintenance Medications?

Maintenance medications are drugs that should be taken daily, paying little heed whether you feel better or not. Some may eradicate the symptoms of your condition; others help to decrease their occurrence.

“I missed a dose. What now?”

The few things that happen when you miss your doses are:

  • Your body gets resistant to the medication.
  • The efficacy and effectivity of the drug dramatically reduced.
  • Your recovery is set back.
  • Your disease will develop resistance to the medication.

What can I do?

Missing only one dose won’t hurt you big time. When you understand your slip-up, just take the regular prescribed dose and adjust the timetable of your doses. Never double up the dose to make up for what you lost!

How to maintain your daily affair?

  • First, work with your doctor and pharmacist to know the correct medication and dosage for you. Doctor prescribed medications should never be a one-size-fits-all, especially if you will take them for a longer period of time. Above all, get a thought to what extent you may need to take the maintenance medication. Soliciting a number of questions will keep you safe and guarantee treatment success.
  • Second, know what your doctor wants for you, both short and long-term. At first, it might be critical for your doctor to examine your chronic condition and how well the maintenance medication is performing. Your dose may be increased or decreased, or another medication may be changed or added. It is important that you take your medications as prescribed and you should have a real talk with your doctor about how you are really taking your medications. This can prevent the wrong dosage.
  • Third, set aside the opportunity to explore the cost of your treatment. There are numerous variables that factor into the cost of a long-term doctor prescribed drug – choosing branded versus generic drugs, which drug store you will go to, the scope of medical coverage, and other rebate programs all influence how much cash you will spend. It is smart to do your investigation.

Not Sure About Your Medications? Get Help!

Maintenance medications require some extra push to guarantee that you’re dealing with your health the right way. Other than making sure to take your pill regularly, you’ll need to guarantee that you let the majority of your doctors know when you’re taking these sorts of prescriptions. This can enable you to maintain a strategic distance from negative drug to drug interactions with other medications they may prescribe for you.

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