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The Importance of Automatic Prescription Refill Programs on Medical Adherence

The Importance of Automatic Prescription Refill Programs on Medical Adherence

While a lot of individuals have expressed their concerns over how automatic prescription refill programs increase the rates of medication oversupply, recent studies have actually shown results that counteract these concerns.

A recent study and analysis reported in the American Journal of Managed Care hypothesized that automatic refill programs can actually help to reduce, and not exacerbate or worsen, the problem of prescription drug oversupply. The study was then conducted by comparing two outcomes—medication adherence and the number of excess days of treatment or therapy on hand at the time of prescription refill pick-up—between patients who are enrolled in an automatic refill program at a pharmacy, and those who are not enrolled in a program.

When the results came in, it showed that patients who are enrolled to an automatic refill program demonstrated significantly greater medication adherence than those who are not. This means that those who are depended on a refill program have stuck to their medication dosage and indication or treatment plan better than those who took it upon themselves to refill their medications on their own.

When it came to oversupply, both groups of patients had overall high rates. However, it was proved that those enrolled in an automatic refill program had significantly improved their medication adherence without an increase in medication oversupply. The verdict? The study’s hypothesis was supported, with automatic prescription refill programs being overall beneficial for a patient’s medication adherence to treatment or therapy.

Automatic prescription refill programs are very helpful, especially to busy individuals under therapy or treatment. This will give the patient convenience of being able to have their medicines topped up at just the right time when the previous supply is supposedly already consumed. Although some may say this only exacerbates oversupply, as medicines will be stocked up, as studies have shown. This method works to help patients more diligently stick to their treatment or medication plan, in order to prevent the oversupply in the first place.

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At Dake’s Drug Store, we personalized our services in order to properly suit the unique needs of our clients. Since we are a community pharmacy that is independently owned and operated for 8 decades, we continuously strive to provide only the most reliable pharmaceutical care, given by a team of pharmacists that are trained and skilled to serve our clients’ needs.

If you are seeking for high-quality prescription medicine in Pennsylvania, trust Dake’s Drug Store to deliver the medication and services you are looking for. Talk to us today to get to know us better.

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