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I Sometimes Skip My Medicine, So What?


We’ve all been guilty of not taking our medicine once or for a few days. We forget to take them or we’re just lazy to walk over to the drawer where we put them in. We’ve grown immune to our significant other’s complaints when they find out that we forgot to take our medicine. It’s not hard to do, we know. We just pop a bunch of pills in our mouth, wash it down with water, and voila – done! But laziness can get the best of us. So what if I skip my medicine? It’s not that big of a deal, right? Wrong.

  • The medicine won’t be as effective

    What’s the use of following doctor’s orders when you don’t follow them? Being given Prescription Medicines in Philadelphia to take means that whatever condition you have can still be treated without a major operation. If you don’t follow the doctor’s orders to take your medicine at certain amounts all throughout the day, it won’t be as effective as you thought it would be.

  • You’re wasting your money

    Medicine can be pretty expensive. To not take your medicine can have an indirect effect of you wasting your money and you won’t have anyone but yourself to blame. Know why? Doctors have an estimate as to how long the prescribed medicine will take effect on your condition. If you don’t take those medicines regularly, the treatment process will take longer.

  • It will prolong whatever you have

    This is closely related to the paragraph above. Aside from the money issue, it can also prolong the condition that you have. Since it’s for your own good, always make sure that you took your medicine. The experience can also help you remember what to avoid from now on.

  • Skipping can cause more complications

    Medication adherence is one of the things you can do to prevent your condition from coming back. There are a lot of negative effects if you don’t stick to the medications your doctor gave to you. Ask your doctor about the possible complications you might encounter if you forget to take your medicine and other orders he/she might instruct you with.

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