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Why Choose Us

There’s a reason why we’ve lasted 80 years in service. It’s because of the loyalty of our customers to our products and services at Dake’s Drugstore.  How did we earn their trust?

  • Dake’s Drugstore only provides quality prescription medication and over-the-counter drugs.
  • We preserve the privacy and dignity of our customers.  Their patient information will not be shared to third parties.  With us, confidential information will remain confidential for the safety of our customers.
  • Our pharmacy is easy to locate with available parking.
  • We fill prescription in just a few short minutes.  We don’t keep you waiting.  Like you, we value every minute!
  • We take Personalized Service to a whole new level.  Each customer at Dake’s Drugstore will receive dedicated service from our pharmacists.

Get to know us better when you visit Dake’s Drugstore today!

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Dake's Drug Store welcomes appointment requests from patient who would like to have a consultation with our pharmacists. It will be our pleasure to help you manage your medication plan.

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