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Pharmacy Services in Pennsylvania

From Prescription Medicine in Pennsylvania to durable medical equipment and other pharmacy services, you will find at Dake’s Drug Store.

Dake’s Drug Store has been in business for several decades – we’ve gotten to know the area and we’ve come to know the demands of our customers.  Because of the long experience we have under our belt, it is easier for us to respond to the needs of our patients.  As our clientele continues to grow, we also improve our service.  We make use of innovative ways to promptly deliver quality pharmacy services to customers.  Here are our services:

  • Transfer Prescriptions
  • Refill Prescriptions
  • Auto Refill of Prescriptions
  • NCPA’s “Simplify My Meds” Medication Adherence Program
    • coordinated refill program utilizing refill synchronization
    • offers convenience of all prescription refills on the same day every month
    • improves compliance to drug therapy and promotes patient knowledge about all aspects of their medication management
  • Competitive Prices
  • Specialty Medical Equipment
  • Supply for all Diabetic Needs

For more information about Dake’s Drug Store and what we can do for you, please call 610-667-1316.

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Dake's Drug Store welcomes appointment requests from patient who would like to have a consultation with our pharmacists. It will be our pleasure to help you manage your medication plan.

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