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The Costly Consequences Of Seniors Not Adhering To Their Medications

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Have you taken your medications today? If yes, then that’s great. But the more important question is: How strict are you in adhering to your medication routine? Have you been skipping your medications often? If it’s another yes, this may lead to an imminent health problem.

Many people don’t comply with their prescriptions, nor follow their physician’s medical advice for many different reasons. These reasons include forgetfulness, lack of proper management in taking multiple medications with different regimen, getting confused with the instructions, and probably the most common reason out there, the belief that prescriptions are costly, when in fact, Dake’s Drug Store is always open to provide high-quality and affordable Prescription Medicine in Philadelphia. While those excuses can be reasonable, they wouldn’t give you a pass from being at risk of these costly consequences:

Prolonged treatment process

Medications are prescribed because they do help, in fact, significantly, in treating your illness. Studies show that non-adherence to prescriptions causes up to 50% of treatment failures for chronic illnesses. In other words, by not following the correct instructions, you’re only preventing your infection or illness from getting treated and are probably making it worse. As a consequence, your treatment plan is prolonged and you will continue to take your costly medications with even more days or weeks than the original plan.

More medications

One of the biggest reasons why you should adhere to your doctor’s instructions regarding taking your medications is because this will help determine whether the prescribed medication actually works for your condition or not. If you keep skipping your meds, thereby preventing your complete healing, your physician might think that the current prescription isn’t as effective as expected and will prescribe another medication that is just as costly, or even more.

More serious chronic conditions

What most people don’t know is that one chronic illness may also cause another serious condition. For example, recent studies show that Diabetes is linked to having Dementia in the late stages of life. Having high cholesterol when you’re suffering from Diabetes may also lead to visual problems. The good news is that the sooner you can treat your chronic illness, particularly through medication adherence, the greater your chance of preventing another serious illness.


The ramifications of non-compliance to prescriptions may not sound so scary at first, but the more you keep doing it, the deadlier it can get. For example, people who are being treated with cholesterol-lowering medications who have discontinued their therapy within a year will have up to 25 percent risk of death. If that doesn’t sound scary, then what does?

Now that you are finally aware of the costly consequences of not following your doctor’s prescriptions, would you still continue to skip doses and take risk? If affordable medication is what you need, at Dake’s Drug Store, we offer the best rates on Prescription Medicines in Merion PA. Come visit us or give us a call now at 610-667-1316.

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