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Why Should You Sync Your Meds?

When you need to take an assortment of medication, it is important to get them synced up. This means that when you go in for a refill, you are able to receive all of your meds at one time. Why … Continue reading

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I Sometimes Skip My Medicine, So What?

We’ve all been guilty of not taking our medicine once or for a few days. We forget to take them or we’re just lazy to walk over to the drawer where we put them in. We’ve grown immune to our … Continue reading

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5 Tips to Guarantee That You Won’t Forget to Take Your Medicine Ever Again

It can be difficult to add something new to your routine no matter how small it is. For example, you’ve decided that for this week, you’ll be eating your greens for lunch but once you got a whiff of today’s … Continue reading

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How We Can Serve You!

Dake’s Drug Store can serve you through our numerous services and products that we are offering you. We aim to provide a service that is more convenient, faster, and friendlier while offering fair and affordable prices to you. Here are … Continue reading

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Why You Should Get Your Medication at the Same Time

There are a number of reasons why you will want to consider getting your medications at the same time. Here are some factors you will want to keep in mind of: 1. Convenience When you fill out your prescriptions at … Continue reading

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5 Best Tips On How Seniors Can Improve Medication Adherence

Don’t you agree that one of the biggest challenges in managing your health at senior age is medication adherence? Seniors have valid excuses as to why medication adherence can be difficult for them. But it doesn’t mean that you should … Continue reading

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The Costly Consequences Of Seniors Not Adhering To Their Medications

Have you taken your medications today? If yes, then that’s great. But the more important question is: How strict are you in adhering to your medication routine? Have you been skipping your medications often? If it’s another yes, this may … Continue reading

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