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5 Best Tips On How Seniors Can Improve Medication Adherence

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Don’t you agree that one of the biggest challenges in managing your health at senior age is medication adherence? Seniors have valid excuses as to why medication adherence can be difficult for them. But it doesn’t mean that you should continue to neglect your prescriptions, regardless of whatever your reasoning may be; otherwise, you will be at risk of more serious and more expensive health-related consequences, such as prolonged sickness, more medications to pay for, costly checkup and hospital bills, new chronic illnesses to manage, and worst case scenario, being at risk of death. As a senior having problems with forgetfulness and the lack of ability to manage medications, preventing these scary consequences will only take you some level of self-discipline and applying the following tips on how to effectively improve your medication adherence:

Use reminders

The best thing about the technology of today is that there’s always an application for everything. You can use calendar applications in your mobile device to prompt you whenever your next medication schedule is coming up. But if you’re not into the latest technology and are not a big fan of mobile gadgets at all, you can always turn to the traditional way of making reminders, such as writing notes or marking your calendars.

Make it a routine

Take your medications at the same time each day. You can also incorporate taking medications with your daily routine, such as before or after a regular mealtime, after brushing your teeth in the morning, or before going to bed.

Pill containers

Use pill containers with multiple sections for each doses and schedules. For example, group your morning medications in a separate section, and the same thing goes for the noon and evening meds. Just be sure to make it a habit to refill your containers at the same time each week to avoid confusion.

Always follow instructions

Medical adherence isn’t only about taking your medications on time, but also taking them properly. Incorrectly taking your medications may put you at risk of more serious health complications. When faced with confusion, consult your healthcare provider or our expert pharmacists at Dake’s Drug Store for suggestions on how to properly take your meds, as well as prevent duplications and drug interactions.

Sync your meds

Isn’t it so inconvenient to make a trip to your pharmacy multiple times a month to refill your medications one by one? At Dake’s Drug Store, we not only guarantee our customers with fast services, but also offer medication refill synchronization for your convenience. If it’s not convenient enough, we also provide free Pharmacy Delivery Service and Medical Equipment for your one-stop shopping needs.

When it comes to all your pharmaceutical needs, we have all the solutions for you at Dake’s Drug Store. With fast services and friendly staff to gladly serve you, experience the most convenient way to shop for affordable Prescription Medicine in Philadelphia. Set an appointment with us now!

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