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Medication Side Effects: What You Need to Know

Medication Side Effects: What You Need to Know

Do you have an aging family member at home with you? When you do, you also address most of their care needs, right? Your role is very vital for their overall well-being, considering that our aging loved ones are at a stage in their lives when limitations are increasing by the day.

Many of our senior loved ones are already taking regular medications for long-term or lifetime basis. As their family members, we have to keep in mind that medications can bring side effects due to different facts. Depending on the side effects they’re having, there is mostly a chance that treatment is available for it from our Drug Store in Merion, Pennsylvania.

Here is backup knowledge that will come handy when you’re assisting the medication needs of your aging loved one especially when the subject of side effects comes up.

  • Medication side effects come at different levels
    Some give minor effects; others are giving some forms of inconvenience, while still others are life-threatening. As to what level of side effect you can expect in your loved one, a licensed pharmacist may be able to provide you with this information. Don’t hesitate to always interact with them whenever you buy their medications.
  • Gastrointestinal problems, particularly upset stomach and nausea, are the most frequent occurrences of side effects in your aging loved one
    This may not happen to all patients but it can to your senior family member, so you better watch out for it.
  • Medicine labels contain sufficient information that can shed light on the drug’s side effects
    Make it your habit to read these or even the printed materials that come along with the medicines. If there are information you will need further explaining, the pharmacy staff can always assist you with these.
  • Side effects may come as a result of your medicine being mixed with other substances
    This could include another prescription, alcohol, and even grapefruit juice (especially for blood pressure medicines). Because of this, it’s vital that as you purchase your medicine from a provider of Prescription Medicine in Pennsylvania, you have to ask if it will not have any bad reaction from your current medication. When your elderly loved one is taking more than one medicine every day, this information is very important to take note of.
  • The FDA takes charge in approving pharmaceutical companies to make their medicines publicly accessible when they have evaluated that the perceived side effects cannot outweigh the medicine’s effectiveness
    However, when you perceive that your aging loved one is having unusual reactions to the medicine not indicated in the medicine’s label, report this to their doctor or to the FDA’s complaint portal. This way, they can keep a record of this for the possibility of receiving some more similar complaints that will require widespread regulatory action.

We hope that you find this information helpful. For your other concerns on your senior loved one’s medicines, connect with us at Dake’s Drug Store.

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