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Maintenance Medicines: What Happens If We Skip Them?


If we regularly take medicines, we would know by now that we need to take them at the right time and at the right dosage. For most times, we might not be able to ask why we have to strictly follow our medication schedule because we just do it. But what will really happen to our body if we skip our medication?

Why are maintenance medicines important?

Our doctors will not prescribe medicines if they do not contribute to the improvement of our health. Hence, if we are dealing with hypertension or muscle pains as caused by aging, we are most likely to get maintenance medication to regulate our health.

To get the maximum benefit of our medicine, it is necessary for us to take our prescription drugs at the right time.

What happens if we skip our medication for a long time?

There are various reasons why we forget to take our medicines. When we do not have an organized medicine kit, we are most likely to overlook the schedule of our medicine. Sometimes, when we ran out of supply and our nearest pharmacy does not have a stock of our prescription drugs. Sometimes, we just forget to have our medicines because we are not used to them.

One major effect of skipping medication for a certain period can make our body resistant to the drug. Our body can get used to it and it will have no effect anymore. Moreover, when we do not seriously take our doctor’s advice, this could have drastic effects on the body. It could worsen the disease and it may lead to hospitalization. This is not something that we would want to dwell on.

Tips to help you remember to take your medicines on time:

  • Take your medicines at the same time.

    Your doctor will usually schedule you to take your medicines either before or after you eat. If you take note of this, it will be very easy to monitor your dosage and intake.

  • Talk to your pharmacists.

    In order for you to be mindful of your medication, it would be best to have a trusted pharmacy like Dake’s Drug Store , a Prescription Medicine in Philadelphia. In this manner, you will have handy pharmacists who can guide you when it comes to your medication, and who can help refill your medicines to ensure that you will not skip it. You will also be given a better understanding of how the medicine will work for you and what it can do to your body.

Indeed, maintenance medication is necessary for better health. The best thing that you can do to help yourself not to skip these meds is to have a fast and efficient pharmacy that sells you affordable and quality drugs like Dake’s Drug Store . We can guarantee you that you will never forget to take one single dose.

For more information about your medicine and tips on how to take them regularly, you can visit us at Dake’s Drug Store , your ultimate source for Prescription Medicines in Merion PA. For details, you can check our website at or call us at 610-667-1316.

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