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Maintenance Drugs: What’s Their Use?

Maintenance Drugs: What's Their Use?

Maintenance drugs are medications prescribed to persons with chronic conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, and arthritis. These drugs are designed to be taken regularly or on a recurring basis. The existence of maintenance drugs may not sound new to us anymore, but one of the lingering questions about it could be:

Is there really a need to take them regularly?

While many chronically ill persons show dependency on medications, there are others who prefer natural healing. As your dependable source of Prescription Medicine in Philadelphia, Dake’s Drug Store is honored to shed light on the importance of taking maintenance drugs. Consider the following uses of the latter:

  • For less frequent attacks

    Chronic pains can be lessened with maintenance drugs taken correctly. These drugs play an effectively powerful role in preventing recurring attacks and further complications. In effect, chronically ill patients are gifted with peaceful days ahead of them, more confident that pain attacks should be less anticipated.

  • For improved health

    Rather than seeing your health degenerate, maintenance drugs have a way of improving your current state. In some cases, taking these drugs religiously can even prolong a life expectancy. You can become a better version of yourself just by taking maintenance drugs seriously. You don’t have to lose hope just yet when a chronic illness strikes your health!

  • For your defense

    You’d probably need an indestructible shield for your security. Maintenance drugs can be your body’s firm defense against infections! As such, the power of infections to multiply gets to be halted. Because your immune system is fortified in some ways, your chronic condition can be prevented from worsening.

  • For your peace of mind

    Your health condition doesn’t have to eat up all your thoughts and emotions anymore. Knowing there are treatments backing up your health eases your mind from sleepless nights because of overly worrying. Maintenance drugs become even more assuring when they are prescribed by a physician you personally trust.

Are you drowning in the pains your chronic illness brings? Take your prescription medications correctly and with consistency. To avoid running out of supply, we can be your primary source of Prescription Medicines in Merion PA!

As a community pharmacy that aims to provide quality pharmaceutical products and prompt customer care, we strive for our services to unswervingly reach residents in these areas: Wynnefield section of West Philadelphia and Merion Station, Merion, and Bala Cynwyd sections outside Philadelphia.

To gain more information about our products and services, make time to visit us at If there are concerns that you wish we would address immediately, we invite you to reach us on the line! Just call this number: 610-667-1316.


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