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How to Properly Store Your Medicines


When asked where you store your medicines, we are sure that a lot of you will answer “inside the medicine cabinet.” But the question is, is it really safe to put your medications inside it?

Just because it is where the majority stores their medicines does not mean it is the most appropriate place to put your prescriptions. Dake’s Drug Store, a provider of Prescription Medicine in Philadelphia, wants to clarify some points regarding proper medication storage:

  • Keep in a cool, dry and dark place

    You need to assess if your medicine cabinet is following this guideline. If you expose your medicine to light, moisture, and heat, it could cause changes to their efficacy. Check if your medicine cabinet keeps your medicine from reacting to environmental changes.

    If your cabinet is in the bathroom, it may bring in moisture, therefore, affecting your prescriptions. It is not commendable if your cabinet is in the kitchen. It could become a microwave for your drugs.

  • Read the label

    It is essential for every patient to read the labels attached to a medicine. Although some may be hard to read, you need to go out of your way to find time to do so. The label or pamphlet that comes with the medicine contains the instructions on how to properly store your meds.

    As you can see, there are medicines that need to be stored specially. So to make sure that you are doing the right job, do not disregard the labels.

  • Put the liquids in the fridge

    Medicines that come in liquid forms such as syrups and suspensions need to be put in the fridge. This is because it can be a breeding ground for a variety of microorganisms.

    Syrups and suspensions are the most suitable places that a bacteria could thrive. But when your liquids, especially those that do not have preservatives, are refrigerated, the growth of the microorganisms is inhibited.

    If the label on your liquid medicines asks you to refrigerate, you need to store it in an area that has a consistent temperature. This is to prevent your medicines from reacting to the changes in their environment so their efficiency remains the same.

  • Keep preservatives away from the fridge

    Unless the manufacturer says so, you need to keep the liquid medicines with preservatives away from the refrigerator. It is because these types of medicines are more effective in warmer temperature.

  • Store your medicines away from your pet or child’s reach

    As providers of Pharmacy Delivery Service and Medical Equipment, we know the dangers the medicines can pose to children and animals if taken without supervision. It could cause overdose which can harm the well-being of your little angel.

    Be sure to properly secure your medicine cabinet to steer clear away from any untoward and preventable accidents.

Where do you store your medicines? Are you following the right guideline regarding its proper storage?

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