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Helping You on Your Path to Wellness in 5 Ways

Helping You on Your Path to Wellness in 5 Ways

At Dake’s Drug Store, we believe that the road to recovery and wellness should not be a difficult and expensive one. That is why we make sure not only to provide high-quality prescription medicine in Pennsylvania but services that will allow you the ease and convenience you deserve in acquiring the medications and medical supplies you need as well. With the quality of our products and services, as well as the efficiency of our pharmacists, we continuously strive to be the pharmacy that is well-trusted throughout the years, by prioritizing your health and wellness in a number of ways:

  1. Transfer Prescriptions
    With us, you wouldn’t have to worry if you would want to switch pharmacies and choose Dake’s Drug Store. We offer easy and hassle-free transfer of your prescriptions from your previous pharmacy to us; this way, you wouldn’t have to visit your physician again for another prescription.
  2. Quality Prescription Medication
    Not only can you count on our medicines to be genuine, high-quality, and properly checked and labeled, you can also rely on our pharmacists to help you understand your prescribed medicine’s dosage and indications as well. You can even consult with one of our professional pharmacists to learn more about the medication you are taking, and know other tips in keeping yourself healthy.
  3. NCPA’s “Simplify My Meds” Medication Adherence Program
    With the “Simplify My Meds” program that we offer and encourage our customers to take, you will be offered the convenience of having all your prescriptions refills on the same day every month and also be well-informed on all aspects of your medication management.
  4. Auto-Refill of Prescriptions
    We help you stay on top of your medication, by offering to auto-refill your prescriptions! This way, you will no longer have to worry about forgetting to refill your prescribed medicines.
  5. Free Delivery
    You no longer have to worry about not being able to visit us for the medication you need and not having anyone around to do it for you when you have fallen ill, or are sustaining an injury. We offer free delivery that will ensure you get the medication or medical supplies you need without even having to leave your home.

As a drug store in Merion, Pennsylvania that has been around for several decades, Dake’s Drug Store continuously proves to be the pharmacy our customers can trust to provide genuine care, quality medications and supplies, and exceptional services to ensure ease and convenience. We make use of innovative ways to continuously improve our services to better serve you and your loved ones with your pharmaceutical and medical needs. With a team of friendly, professional, and trained pharmacists who are ready to help you, you can be assured that we will help you on your path to recovery and wellness. Come and visit us today, or contact us at 610-667-1316 to learn more about our services, and know more on how we can help you attain or maintain good health.

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