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Dangers of Not Storing Your Medications Properly


Why do you need to keep your medicines properly? Why are medicine labels so demanding when it comes to the medicine’s proper storage? It turns out there are a number of reasons why you should meticulously follow these instructions.

Dake’s Drug Store, a pharmacy where you can get Prescription Medicines in Merion PA, knows the risk of improper storage of your meds. These are:

  • Possibility of chemical change
    Just like any compounds, your medicines are made up of chemicals. And because they are, it does not exempt them from chemical changes brought about by the temperature.

    Some medications lose their effect when they are exposed to the moisture in the air. There are also others that melt if they are left at a room temperature. Syrups and other liquid forms of medication attract microbes if they are not refrigerated.

  • Life-threatening results
    Your medications are your partners in health. It helps you in your treatment and it provides you the essential nutrients you lack so you can combat the disease you are facing.

    However, they can be your greatest enemies if you do not store them properly. Here are some examples of how a simple Prescription Medicine in Philadelphia turns to a toxic substance:

    • When antibiotics decay, they can cause damage to one’s kidney or stomach.
    • Aspirin upsets one’s stomach if it is not stored according to its label.
    • Hormone pills lose their effectiveness when exposed to heat.
  • Poisoning
    The label attached to every medication always says “keep out of children’s reach.” It is vital for you to follow this instruction because it can be dangerous to the health of your child.

    We all know the fact that every child is curious and that they love to imitate what the adults are doing. Supposedly you are taking your birth control pill at night and you accidentally left it on the sink. You could imagine the sparkle in your kid’s eyes knowing that they could finally taste what mom has been eating every night.

    Other than curious children, you also put your pets at risk if you fail to follow the guidelines. There are pets that have this instinct that whatever comes from you is food and should be eaten.

    If you are careless in storing your medications, you endanger the lives of your child and/or pet.

  • Creating a mess around the house
    Medicines can easily become a mess around the house if you fail to store it in the right place. Take tablets stored in bottles as an example. You can easily avoid picking up every tablet that fell on the floor if you store them in a place away from the active areas of the house. Plus, who would want to take a tablet that touched the floor?

    Never disregard the importance of proper storage. If you want to ask questions about proper medication storage, you can leave them in the comments and our professional pharmacists will answer.

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