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What Are the Most Common Errors in Drug Administration?

Prescribed medications are given by physicians to fill in the gaps that your immune system can no longer cover. Medications counteract the effects of a disease or illness in your body. These counteracting chemicals have effects on the body functions. That is the reason why only licensed physicians are allowed to prescribe medications. Medications are non-transferable from one patient to another, so what works for Patient A might be harmful to Patient B.

Self-medication is common in every household. Members of the family take medication if they feel that they have the same symptoms with other members who are also sick. By doing this, they are putting their health in danger. Self-medication can sometimes bring more harm than good. Drug interactions are unpredictable and sudden. It may not have an effect now, but when done continuously, it may lead to harmful effects on the liver and kidney.

Drug administration is as important as any other treatment. It should not be taken for granted. If a medication is prescribed by a licensed physician, all details about the drug will be discussed, so you would know what to do and what to avoid. You would not know that if you are self-medicating.

Here are the common errors in drug administration:

Be careful in combining drugs – Each drug has different effects on the body. It may enhance potency or it may lessen side effects. Licensed physicians take into consideration the function of each drug before it is prescribed.

Don’t mix drugs and alcohol – There are medications that shouldn’t be mixed with alcohol because of its additive effects. Medications mixed with alcohol also have harmful effects on the liver. It gives adverse effects like nausea, vomiting, and extreme dizziness.

Ask the licensed professionals – Only those who are licensed in drug administration, dispensing, and prescribing are capable of discussing the medication thoroughly. So if you have questions, ask them. Some people might give you medical advice based on their experience but please take note that what they went through might be entirely different from what you are going through right now.

Wrong drugs were provided by the pharmacy – It is very important to counter-check your purchases before leaving the pharmacy. There are instances where other people’s purchases are mixed with yours, so make it a habit to check the name of the medication prior to leaving the pharmacy and prior to giving it to your loved ones.

Purchasing in different pharmacies – It is very important to stick to just one pharmacy. It will make the people from the pharmacy familiar with your medication needs.

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