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4 Inconveniences Pharmacy Delivery Service Pulls You Out From

Have you gone too feeble to get on your knees and run to the drug store for your medication needs? Has aging been causing your strength to deteriorate? Do you find it a hassle to take even just one ride … Continue reading

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Reasons Why You Need to Have a One-Stop Shop for Your Meds

Where do you usually go when you shop for groceries? Do you prefer to go to the mall right away or just to the nearby grocery store? Surely, you would prefer to shop in bigger malls because they have all … Continue reading

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Maintenance Medicines: What Happens If We Skip Them?

If we regularly take medicines, we would know by now that we need to take them at the right time and at the right dosage. For most times, we might not be able to ask why we have to strictly … Continue reading

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How to Prevent Medicine Duplications

Getting your medications duplicated by accident will not only cost you more money but can also be dangerous. If you want to maintain your health and make sure that you are only getting the medications you need, here are some … Continue reading

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Why You Should Take Meds Regularly

Medications are important products that are used to combat illness, improve our health, and prevent sickness. However, in order for these meds to be effective, we must follow a strict set of instructions. Every drug will have its own directions … Continue reading

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Maintaining Your Health through Medications

When you have been prescribed medications by our doctor, it is important that you take them on a regular basis or as instructed. By doing this, you can keep the effectiveness of the drug and recover quicker. Dake’s Drug Store … Continue reading

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The Ins and Outs on Convenient Pharmaceutical Services

Dake’s Drug Store is a great pharmacy that provides Prescription Medicine in Philadelphia. We also offer numerous pharmaceutical services to meet your needs, including medication synchronization, delivery services, and easy access to the meds. Through these services, we strive to … Continue reading

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Why You Should Take Your Meds on Time

If you need to take medications on a regular basis to maintain your health or condition, it is important that you are taking them on time. There are a number of reasons for this such as: Immunity: If you do … Continue reading

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Why Should You Sync Your Meds?

When you need to take an assortment of medication, it is important to get them synced up. This means that when you go in for a refill, you are able to receive all of your meds at one time. Why … Continue reading

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I Sometimes Skip My Medicine, So What?

We’ve all been guilty of not taking our medicine once or for a few days. We forget to take them or we’re just lazy to walk over to the drawer where we put them in. We’ve grown immune to our … Continue reading

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