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7 Most Ignored Reasons Why Your Senior Loved Ones Grow Weaker Each Day


We love our elderly loved ones and, as much as possible, we want them to have a long and healthy life. However, despite the degree of care we express to them, there are times that they crumble to diseases and become latched to hospital beds.

Seeing them grow weaker day by day is undeniably tragic. To prevent further physical deterioration, we must know what triggers the destruction of their health. Allow us, Dake’s Drug Store, a known supplier of high-quality Prescription Medicine in Philadelphia, to share with you what we know about this matter. Here is a short list:

  1. Imbalanced diet
    Proper nutrition is crucial when you are already in the twilight of your days. If senior citizens fail to partake on foods appropriate for their age and condition, the body will easily fall apart. Even minor diseases will already pose a serious threat to their health. To keep our aging loved ones active and healthy, serve them nutritious meals. Also, giving them vitamins and supplements will be very helpful.
  2. Lack of proper exercise
    Our grannies need to sweat a little because their muscles and bones need some flexing. If seniors maintain an active and interactive exercise regimen, their entire physical well-being will be improved. Exercise, depending on the concentration, enhances power, coordination, and balance. With toned bodies, problems like slip accidents and sprains can be easily avoided.
  3. Sleep deprivation
    Sleep is essential for every human being, especially for senior citizen. It is one of the most effective ways for the body to naturally repair and rejuvenate itself. As experts have also discovered, lack of sufficient sleep is highly linked with recurring chronic pains and greater risks for heart diseases. As for the mental and psychological aspect, being sleep deprived causes seniors to become cranky, unmotivated, and depressed.
  4. Obesity
    Obesity is a result of imbalanced nutrition and absence of proper exercise. As explained in the previous numbers, the lack of the same gravely imperils our loved ones’ wellness. Other than the difficulty in movement and balance it causes to seniors with excessive weight, it is a clinical fact that obesity invites diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and liver complications.
  5. Stressful conditions
    It is important as well to house our baby boomers in a home that is serene, stable, organized, and stress-free. Their senses are already extremely fragile, one emotional or psychological attack will scar them.
  6. Social isolation
    Our aged relatives need to interact with their peers, co-seniors, and other loved ones. It is healthy to acquaint them with communal gatherings that pique their interests. Social interaction keeps a person from succumbing to depression.
  7. Medication mismatch
    Last but not the least, never betray their doctor’s instructions. A single medication noncompliance may spell unwanted health complications. The same also goes for any amount of drug overdose.

To help you preserve your loved ones’ health, especially with regard to their medications, there is one source of Prescription Medicines in Merion PA that you can truly depend on – Dake’s Drug Store.


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