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5 Tips to Guarantee That You Won’t Forget to Take Your Medicine Ever Again


It can be difficult to add something new to your routine no matter how small it is. For example, you’ve decided that for this week, you’ll be eating your greens for lunch but once you got a whiff of today’s special, you immediately abandon your resolution and dash for the greasy pizza. If you recently went to a doctor and were given meds to take, it can be hard to remember to take them. Sometimes, the easiest thing to do can be the easiest to forget. Here at Dake’s Drug Store, we’ve had countless of customers seeking for advice as to not forget to take their medicine. We’ve listed five tips below.

  • Put it in a pouch or box

    It can be tempting to just take your medicine later when it’s not within your reach. You put it off and promise to take it when it’s accessible. How many times have you said this and actually go through with it? Putting your medicine in a small pouch is ridiculously convenient and you don’t have to pull everything out of your bag to reach for it since medicines usually come in small packages.

  • Always keep it in plain sight

    If you’re not planning to go out of your house, make sure that you put your medicine in a place where you regularly go to such as the dining room. Most Prescription Medicines in Philadelphia are advised to be taken after meals so you can also put it on the dining table to really make sure that you take it.

  • Set alarms to remind you

    Since we practically have our phones on us all day, every day, you can use this to your advantage by setting up alarms when you need to take your medicine. A lot of people find this effective since it’s convenient and the alarm application also has a feature that lets you decide if you want the alarm to go off every day.

  • Have someone text you

    If your memory is really faulty, you can rely on a family member or a friend to text you. To be honest, it’s not that effective since the person you trusted to remind you might also forget to text you too. It can be quite a hassle in the long run too.

  • Organize your medicine according to home use, school use, etc.

    Another tip that we can give is to split your medicine according to home use, school use, etc. You might forget to bring your medicine because you’re in a hurry, for instance. Make sure that you have a supply in your home, in the bag that you use regularly, and in your car. This can be costly and you might forget that you already placed your medicine in a particular place.

We, at Dake’s Drug Store, have supplied Prescription Medicines in Merion, PA for 80 years now. Being in the industry for this long has given us more than plenty of experience and knowledge on how to best serve our customers. For instance, we deliver our services with a smile and treat our customers like family. If you have inquiries, please call us at 610-667-1316.

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