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10 Medication Fails That Make You Lose Medication Compliance

10 Medication Fails That Make You Lose Medication Compliance

Inability to follow a medication regimen is broadly perceived as the number one cause for treatment failures, real ill-disposed responses, and even death. Notwithstanding poor patient results, medication non-compliance can prompt hospital readmissions and costly medications.

How to Battle the Thought Demons

  1. “I can’t stand the side effects.”

    To start with, categorize. Tell the patient that he doesn’t have to endure the side effects and clarify that his doctor might have the capacity to prescribe other medications that won’t cause those issues. The doctor can recommend other complementary medications that will target the side effects.

  2. “Why am I taking this medication?”
    Educate what the medication is for and how it will improve their condition. If your patient is taking a number of different medications, list every pill, what it’s for and the dosing plan.
  3. “I always forget to take it.”

    Train your patient to infuse pharmaceutical measurements to his other daily activities, like eating meals, brushing his teeth, or going to bed. Recommend utilizing a pillbox that contains seven days’ worth of medicines.

  4. “There are no drug stores accessible nearby”.

    Help your patient find a drug store that delivers medicines, or propose a mail-order drug store benefit.

  5. “I can’t afford to maintain it.”

    Tell your patient that skipping dosages lessens the medication’s efficacy and can be unsafe. Encourage them to discuss with their doctor about switching to a generic one, if there is any, or to a more affordable medication alternative.

  6. “I don’t see the desired effects of the medications.”

    Tell your patients that they should divulge to their doctor about the issues they are having with their medication. Explicitly recommend that they go to the specialist with her significant other so that they can hear why the doctor is prescribing the medication.

  7. “I don’t really need it.”

    Shed light on the importance of the medications. Tell your patient what it does and how it will improve their general wellbeing (despite the side effects).

  8. “It’s not compatible with my go-to alcoholic beverage.”

    Inform your patients about the risks of drinking alcohol in the midst of his medication regimen. Suggest that he talk with their doctors about changing his medication to one that won’t have negative interactions with liquor.

  9. “Alternative medications will improve my condition because they are natural.”

    Explain that alternative medications aren’t really superior to chemically engineered ones and haven’t been proven to be successful. Encourage him to talk with his doctor.

  10. “It’s embarrassing to pop pills in public.”

    Advise that he take his meds when he’s in the washroom or in his office at work.

Taking Baby Steps

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